If I Were The Boss…..

February 24, 2010 at 13:09 (Uncategorized)

If I were the boss…. wow, I have thought about this moment many times and it always seems to give me a thrill of happiness. When I think of being the boss I think of having my own personal assistant, my own office, my own call line, my own computer and even my own time. Is this really how it goes though?

Being the boss can mean all of these things but it also means structure, order, control and stress. People rely on you for almost everything whether it be about personal time, problems, money or just the general well being of the company. You need to be on top of everything and know everything that is happening. Debatable about whether it depends on the company, being a boss means being a boss.

However, we all need a boss, someone to run the business, take charge and open the doors and channels for the employees. I take off my hat to bosses around the world as it can be rather strenuous and tough.

If I were the boss…. I would try being the best boss out there. I would try and make sure that all my employees are happy and comfortable, that everything is functioning correctly and that the outcomes of any projects are successful. I would work on having the emotional intelligence of a dream worker so that my employees felt that they could approach me, feel at ease and able to discuss any problems. As we know, this is important because if the employees feel better and happier, they are willing to work harder which leads to success.

Being a good boss could affect the experience of a person and their life in a positive way….


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Can Going Green Lead to Good?

February 22, 2010 at 17:42 (Uncategorized)

Green can be seen as the new black. What I mean to say is that in recent years the world is slowly but surely becoming more environmentally conscious and ‘green’.  What I’d like to know though is if hugging a tree can help impact the earth.  It is a living thing right?  People need hugs in order to be happy, so does this then apply to the plant world too….

I would say that hugging a tree can lead to helping the earth.  Let’s look at it this way – if you hug a tree you are therefore emitting affection and good vibes to the tree.  This positive outlook can therefore lead to effects like a more conscientious look on the well being of the earth such as recycling and looking out for the environment.  This cause of awareness is a reflection of the tree and knowing that we as human beings have the responsibility to look after nature.

Not everyone recycles, but one can get into a mind-set that when recycling is being done, you are looking after the earth.  It means taking that step forward which could help make a positive impact and long term effect on the earth.

Unlike talking to plants, which helps them grow, hugging a tree does not really impact the growth or stamina of the actual tree.  What it does do is to help the nature part of us human beings to come out and be released.  It reminds us that we need to look after nature and the environment because they impact us in a great way. 

Trees offer shade, air, beauty, the sight of a change in season and not to mention homes to some animals.  Their beauty and elegance reminds us that they play an important role in humanity. If we keep treating the environment badly and don’t turn ‘green’, we will be destroying our environment and what is around us.  Perhaps we need to hug trees more often.

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Two people come out of a building and into a story

February 16, 2010 at 15:55 (Uncategorized)

Do you ever find yourself running into the same person over and over again by coincidence? It usually seems very odd and more than often you can’t help but wonder whether you are supposed to meet them and for what purpose.

Like the other day, I ran into a girl at Pick n Pay.  We were both looking for chicken and they didn’t have.  This then started a conversation – regarding the chicken – and since then I find myself bumping into her more and more.  This has lead us to becoming friends on Facebook and even in real life. What are the chances?

These days the world seems to almost be shrinking.  We find that people know friends of ours, family of ours or even people that we have bumped into once in our life.  Two people who have not known each other can come out of a building and simply strike up a conversation, which could lead to a lifetime story that they may one day share with their grandchildren.  This story could be the oddest experience that they ever had with this other person, or it could be a story about a friendship or relationship that they never would have expected.

Next time you come out of a building, shop or your house and meet someone, think about it. They could be your next best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, boss or simply someone that you were meant to meet so that they could make an impression in your life. Maybe you needed to meet such a person at that time in your life where they unwittingly helped you make a difficult decision or provided a solution to a problem. The universe works in mysterious ways….

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Does practice make perfect?

February 15, 2010 at 16:06 (Uncategorized)

As I am busy writing this blog I am wondering if practice makes perfect.  I personally don’t feel as if I am the best writer so I am wondering if the more that I write, the better I will get.

I guess it’s like anything in life… we get given a task that is unfamiliar and are forced to work at it and figure it out.  This can cause great frustration and unhappiness at times but perhaps the more that we work at it the easier it will get.  This can be any task of life, be it joining the hockey team at school, working in a new job, to learning a new language or even becoming a new parent.  All these tasks of life need to be practiced in order for us to gain some sort of clarity and stability over them.

When I think back to my internship last year the first month was intense.  There was so much to learn, so much to do and I couldn’t string a media release together from head to toe.  After a few months I was able to cope better, work faster and get more involved with helping out.  Practice can build up confidence which in the long run leads to perfection of a task.

So yes, I do think that practice makes perfect.  I believe that whether it is something that you are really passionate about or if you are just trying your absolute best, that any kind of practice of a task will help you to improve, even in the slightest way.   Practicing is a repetition of a task that can be perfected if you try hard enough and if you have that added talent it will help you get just that much further. What do you think, do you think practice makes perfect?

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Designer PR?

February 14, 2010 at 07:04 (Uncategorized)

Public Relations (PR) has always had a creative element, and it is gradually becoming more entwined with design and other industries as the years pass. The dominant focus has always been based mostly on the media, writing, establishing and maintaining relationships although this is now seen to be becoming more innovative.

PR is leaning more and more towards the design side and we can even see this has happened at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology where our faculty has moved from Commerce into Informatics and Design. What many people do not realise is that PR is very broad and PR people are able to involve themselves in many different ways and on many different levels.

Many organisations have set aside PR during recession and placed it in “the luxurious box” thinking that it is not a necessity for organisations. It has been seen as organising events, being apart of the “glitz and glamour” and meeting the famous. Yes, this does play a role, but only after having put in much hard work, sweat, blood and tears which is not seen by the public. It is only in recent years that organisations are realising that PR is needed and that we are able to do just as good a job and gain just as much publicity as the Marketing and Advertising people; but for less expenses and includes making good contacts.

Working with Advertising and Marketing people can also play a part and lead to new and exciting ventures and innovative ways for us as PR people to work. It opens up new elements of creativeness and channels that allow us to fully utilise what we have learnt in order to satisfy the client. Within the industry PR people also work closely with designers. This could be anything from helping to design the layout of an advert (working with advertisers too), to strategising ideas for a client for television, magazine or event opportunities.

 Public Relations is so extensive that it has room for other industries to get involved and for everyone to work together in order to reach the same goal. Public Relations could be Advertising PR, Marketing PR and DEFINITELY Designer PR.

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Does Time exist?

February 14, 2010 at 06:54 (Uncategorized)

How much time do you spend in a day worrying about the time? Often we notice the time and wonder how we will fit in all the things we need to do or what needs to be done.  Does time exist though…. What is time and where did it come from?

Time is described as an indefinite period.  When you think of time what do you think of?  I imagine the past, future and present, where history has occurred and stories have been told and recorded, where people grow, learn and opportunities and possibilities have been created.  Does this mean that time exists though…

Maybe there is no such thing as Time, that this element that is called Time does not exist.  Perhaps humans use Time to reference events that have happened. The earth has been around for billions of years and perhaps people have developed this concept called Time in order to be able to define activities and to help keep track and control of historical events and when they occurred.  We as people live in the moment, there is no past, future or present, these are just names that have been created to give humans a sense of control.   The idea of Time was created so that we can refer to things that have happened in the world, it is not a physical thing.

So no, I don’t think that Time exists, I do think that it was a theory that was created by and for us human beings so that we have a sense of direction, so that we can foresee and plan what we would like to do because without this concept we would not be able to plan, keep track or organise things in advance.  We would have no balance, structure or even goals because we would not know Time and it would throw our whole universal element off balance. What do you think?

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Is polygamy a feminist issue?

February 7, 2010 at 16:31 (Uncategorized)

If you break down the word ‘polygamy’ it can be described as a form of marriage between people who have more than one spouse.  The question debated is a difficult one on whether this is a feminist issue or not.  I would have to agree that this is a feminist issue.  

The Feminist Movement might have frowned upon polygamy years ago because they as a group were very much focused on gender equality.  I feel that they would disagree with polygamy from the point of view of women’s rights. 

If we look back over the years, women were treated unfairly and poorly while at times being forced into an arranged marriage.  They did not have the rights that the women of today have.  However even though we are now in the ‘naughties’ (2010) polygamy still remains a factor in some religions, cultures and countries.

The fact remains that some women are still treated badly in this day and age, being forced or asked to marry a man who already has multiple wives.  Some of these women are quite happy to go into a polygamist marriage and share their husband; however do they get and receive the respect and equality that they deserve? Marriage is a feminist issue because it’s about a sacred bond between two people where they share love, family and equality.  How is it possible for a man to have 4 or 5 wives and for him to be able to share all of this equally?

Being aware of the fact that within certain religions polygamy is accepted, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a feminist issue.  The women involved in these marriages give themselves fully to the man and remain faithful and honourable.  The man would not be able to remain faithful to his wife as he already has many other wives

When a couple is married, they take a sacred vow which is meant to be shared between that one man and that one woman, where did it become alright to share that vow between multiple women?

Thanks to the feminists of the world, they have actually highlighted unfairness and gender equality and even changed things for women nowadays.

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