Two people come out of a building and into a story

February 16, 2010 at 15:55 (Uncategorized)

Do you ever find yourself running into the same person over and over again by coincidence? It usually seems very odd and more than often you can’t help but wonder whether you are supposed to meet them and for what purpose.

Like the other day, I ran into a girl at Pick n Pay.  We were both looking for chicken and they didn’t have.  This then started a conversation – regarding the chicken – and since then I find myself bumping into her more and more.  This has lead us to becoming friends on Facebook and even in real life. What are the chances?

These days the world seems to almost be shrinking.  We find that people know friends of ours, family of ours or even people that we have bumped into once in our life.  Two people who have not known each other can come out of a building and simply strike up a conversation, which could lead to a lifetime story that they may one day share with their grandchildren.  This story could be the oddest experience that they ever had with this other person, or it could be a story about a friendship or relationship that they never would have expected.

Next time you come out of a building, shop or your house and meet someone, think about it. They could be your next best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, boss or simply someone that you were meant to meet so that they could make an impression in your life. Maybe you needed to meet such a person at that time in your life where they unwittingly helped you make a difficult decision or provided a solution to a problem. The universe works in mysterious ways….



  1. Wanika Rusthoi said,

    Thanks for the interesting take on this topic. It’s interesting to see how everyone interprets this topic so differently. Your take was interesting – especially the chicken. Perhaps more about the chicken story could have been told? I was left wanting to hear more… 🙂

  2. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    So true. I think so much of life is how you allow yourself to be open to new and interesting people and places.

    I agree with Wan with regards to writing structure; a little more information in the beginning would have allowed for your conclusion to come across more strongly.

  3. Dalene Ingham-Brown said,

    Good intro and conclusion, they tie together nicely. I like what you did with the topic! You took it and managed to find a way to turn it into one of those ‘eye opening’ reads. Maybe I’ll be more aware of random stranger now being potention ‘somebodies’ in my life.

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