Can Going Green Lead to Good?

February 22, 2010 at 17:42 (Uncategorized)

Green can be seen as the new black. What I mean to say is that in recent years the world is slowly but surely becoming more environmentally conscious and ‘green’.  What I’d like to know though is if hugging a tree can help impact the earth.  It is a living thing right?  People need hugs in order to be happy, so does this then apply to the plant world too….

I would say that hugging a tree can lead to helping the earth.  Let’s look at it this way – if you hug a tree you are therefore emitting affection and good vibes to the tree.  This positive outlook can therefore lead to effects like a more conscientious look on the well being of the earth such as recycling and looking out for the environment.  This cause of awareness is a reflection of the tree and knowing that we as human beings have the responsibility to look after nature.

Not everyone recycles, but one can get into a mind-set that when recycling is being done, you are looking after the earth.  It means taking that step forward which could help make a positive impact and long term effect on the earth.

Unlike talking to plants, which helps them grow, hugging a tree does not really impact the growth or stamina of the actual tree.  What it does do is to help the nature part of us human beings to come out and be released.  It reminds us that we need to look after nature and the environment because they impact us in a great way. 

Trees offer shade, air, beauty, the sight of a change in season and not to mention homes to some animals.  Their beauty and elegance reminds us that they play an important role in humanity. If we keep treating the environment badly and don’t turn ‘green’, we will be destroying our environment and what is around us.  Perhaps we need to hug trees more often.



  1. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    I’m going to hug a tree – I think your interpretation of the possibility of what this small act may lead to is important and a fundamental turning point for all to go green.

  2. Wanika Rusthoi said,

    I really believe in global warming and that the affects are very real for our planet so I really liked your choice of topic and found it an interesting and easy read.

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