When is it the right time?

March 25, 2010 at 19:04 (Uncategorized)

Time is such a personal matter; everyone has their own way to time manage. We all see time as a different element depending on where you want to go in life.  Some of us feel we are short on time with everything we want to do or experience and others feel that they are in the right time frame for themselves.

Getting lost in a worry of if you have enough time can sometimes get ahead of us and cause stress.  Questions like ‘when will I get to travel’, or ‘when will I finish studying’, ‘when will I get my first job’, ‘when will I get married’, ‘when will I have kids’? These are all ‘when’ questions. ‘When’ questions are fine to ask, it’s a problem when you let this get out of control.  It becomes a ball of stress when you put a time limit on your life and try rush ahead to get to something else.

What we should actually be focusing on is setting goals and going with the flow of our life.  Planning is great, setting achievements and personal aims is even better, it’s when we start to stress about when we will get things done, or how we will get them done that throws us completely off.  It raises a panic alarm within our body and mind which stunts our experiences and time to have fun.  We must not forget to have fun on our journey and take everything in our stride.  Our life plan is already in front of us, all we need to do is stay on the right road and look straight ahead.


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We Are What We Do

March 25, 2010 at 18:40 (Uncategorized)

Every little action that we do seems to represent us as a person.  I recon this is why first impressions are so important….. mess that up and it takes hard work to change it back around again.

I guess we are what we do if you think about it. If you help people, make a difference, are kind and generous, then you are generally seen as a kind hearted, helpful person.  If you are snappy, have a volatile behavior and quick to talk back, you may be seen as someone who is aggressive, unstable or even insecure.

What happens though if you have a serious obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) which forces you to keep all your personal items in great order, dot your i’s and cross your t’s every single time, iron your newly washed yellow dusters so that each corner is carefully folded or simply turning the light on and off ten times before you leave a room.  Does this reflect what kind of person you are?

It does to a degree.  An OCD is built into who you are as a person and if these little characteristics interfere within your life, it does affect who we are.  A random example of this is Monica, from the series Friends.  She is sweet, kind, funny and helpful, but the one huge characteristic that everyone takes note of and can’t seem to not notice is how obsessively clean she is.  This need not be a bad thing, but it reflects the kind of person she is and behaviour.

Do you have a personal objective that defines you as a person? I haven’t figured mine out either but I know that what we do, certainly affects who we are and how we are portrayed by others.

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3 Words that describe me

March 19, 2010 at 12:55 (Uncategorized)

Good Listener


Trust Worthy

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We are afraid of the wrong things

March 16, 2010 at 18:06 (Uncategorized)

I’m not going to lie… when I first read this topic I wasn’t sure what to write about or where to start even.  It was only today when I realised what I was afraid of and that I actually shouldn’t be. There are so many things that we are afraid of that we shouldn’t be.  In class today I jinxed myself and got given an article to read, summarise and present to the class for next week.  My initial thought? Fear? Yes!

I’ve been thinking about it though, what do I have to be afraid of? I know everyone in the class, no one is there to judge and we are all there to learn. What is it that scares me to stand up and speak in front of the class?  I’ve realized that it’s my own mind.  It is something that I need to get over and it is something that I shouldn’t be afraid of. Our mind can scare us and make us more worked up than we should be; it is one of the strongest tools that we have but it can also be our worst enemy.

Our mind can control us and make us afraid of the things that we don’t really need to be afraid of.  More than often in life we are afraid of the wrong things. We worry about things that we don’t have control over and forget that we should just let life take things as they come.  I am afraid of many things. I’m afraid of next year and where I will be, I’m afraid of the future and what lies ahead and I’m afraid to present in class next week.  These are all things that I shouldn’t be afraid of, they should be something to look forward to, something to bring on an experience.  Instead of being afraid of these things, we should grasp them and take them in our stride.

When you are feeling afraid of something, stop and think about if it worth being afraid of.  If it isn’t, put it aside and try look at it as something new and in a positive way.

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It’s all around us, can you see it?

March 16, 2010 at 17:44 (Uncategorized)

You’ve probably been wondering what I meant on Twitter when I said that I found something interesting on the beach…. Well here it is.  Some friends and I found a sand sculpture about 5m from the ocean that someone had crafted during the day.  It was beautiful; it was of a woman who was lying in the sand. This sculpture was the size of a human.  The artist was so precise that they even made hair for her and elegantly sculptured legs and feet.  I was looking at this and realized that art is all around us.  Sometimes we don’t see it until we really look and other times its smack bang in our face like this sculpture.

I’ve never really thought about it that much but we have art all around us, in many forms, colours and styles.  Table Mountain is a pristine piece of art which has provided Cape Town with the pride and joy that it emulates.  The table shaped mountain brings people from all around the world to witness its beauty.

Art is all around us, from right here in our own city, to the outskirts of the globe.  Art comes in forms of the phenomenal structure of the Pyramids in Egypt, the majestic creation of the Taj Mahal, the incredible Great Wall of China and even the miraculous Northern lights which blow our minds.  The creation of art can even be shown up in graffiti on a train station.  Sometimes walls are donated to artists who are free to express themselves and this is what is left for us to see, take in and appreciate. The colours, design and drawings are all a piece of who the artist is and what they are feeling or believing.  The best form of art though is around us everywhere, it’s in the colour of the sky when the sun sets or rises, it’s in the different shapes of the clouds and it’s even in each single petal that a flower has with different colours intermingling and contrasting.

So next time you’re simply taking a walk on the beach, taking the train or driving through Cape Town, look around you and take in what is around you.  This simple structure of the sand sculpture really made me think about what is around us and how even the smallest bit of art can make an impact.  This was my inspiration….

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2012 An Epidemic?

March 9, 2010 at 15:58 (Uncategorized)

Does the year 2012 send shivers up your spine? When someone asks where you see yourself in 5 years time, does 2012 even cross your mind? Is the 2012 ‘time bomb’ scaring people to the point that they aren’t sure how to handle it?

Many expectations have been placed upon the year of 2012 and what the impact will be and how it will affect the human race. Each culture, religion, personal opinion or spiritual leader’s experience has predicted different accounts of what could happen, if anything. According to Nostradamus and an ancient group called the Mayans, the earth, sun, Milky Way and other plants will all align at the exact same time on 21 December 2012 causing the world to end its cycle. This could possibly cause a catastrophic disaster leading to earthquakes, tidal waves and volcano eruptions.

There have been many predictions made, from a meteor hitting the earth, a polar shift causing floods and climate change, a global depression to the planet alignment scenario, nuclear war and the coming of the antichrist. According to the website – http://www.2012-decoded.com – The theory of the Mayans suggests that when the planets align, earth will be centered and enter a ‘cosmic womb’ which could either end the world, create a transformation or even a rebirth.

This topic of 2012 is much debatable, it could become the end of the world, lead to global changes around the earth that we will have to live with or simply be hype much like the 2000 Millennium. The point is, no one knows what will happen in the future, and therefore we should not worry about it as there is nothing that we can do. Living life to the fullest everyday and being thankful for what you have is the best means to life. Love your friends and family, be honest, happy and truthful and have fun… you never know when your last day could be.



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Fish Falling From the Sky

March 8, 2010 at 17:23 (Uncategorized)

Is it some kind of conspiracy for fish to fall from the sky?  Mysteries are one of the things that make life interesting.  Can you imagine seeing a fish falling from the sky? How about seeing a ghost in your rear view mirror in the back seat of your car or hearing about a ship that vanished across the Bermuda Triangle?

These unexplained stories are interesting to us as people because it is the unusual activities in life that cannot be explained which creates a sense of mystery and curiosity.  People seem to thrive on scary or strange stories that cannot be explained or that don’t seem to have an answer because it is too strange for us to grasp.

Fish falling from the sky has actually occurred in a few parts of the world strangely enough.  It is believed that a strong, unexpected whirlwind can pick up water, as well as the fish, and drag it for a great distance before dropping it.  If you think about it, the fact that wind can pick up water is one thing, but to drag fish for a distance… that is another thing.  After looking at a website – http://paranormal.about.com – I found that this phenomenon has occurred in many areas around the world.  According to the website, people had accounted for fish falling from the sky that had actually weighed as much as 8 pounds.

The fact that the fish falling from the sky theory has not been confirmed leaves us with a curiosity and a wanting to know how it happens.  This happens with just about any conspiracy, theory or unexplained story.  How did it happen, you want to know. Or why does it happen? Some things can’t be explained… but it’s almost worth not knowing.  It keeps us intrigued and always guessing. Right?


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Is It Good For Us?

March 3, 2010 at 09:12 (Uncategorized)

The word change can make people feel uncomfortable, scared, worried or for some, excited.  As human beings are we able to adapt to change?  Change meaning, to alter, transform, adjust or even revolutionise.  Are we able to do this and still remain settled?  Changing the way that something is done in our daily life or something that we have known or grown to – I wonder how we can adjust to this. 

I think as humans we do not find change to be the easiest task to deal with.  It throws us off course, puts us into the deep end, and makes us feel vulnerable and confused and even frightened at times.  However, what I’d like to know is if change is good for us?

Even though I would be scared of change, unsettling the balance and trying something new, I think that in the long run it can be good for us and sometimes we can even benefit from it.  Change can bring out new opportunities that we never would have imagined, allowing us to meet new people or to do things that we never thought we’d do.  Altering, adjusting or even making a transformation in one’s life sometimes gives us that boost of confidence which we never thought we could acquire.    

Think about it – you decide to get a new haircut, perhaps something quite different.  It’s scary at first, you don’t know what to expect, you don’t know what others will think, it’s strange to you and you might even regret it.  Once it’s done and you realise how good it looks it makes you feel good and want to experience more of change.  Yes, it is a possibility that things could go wrong- your hair could not look that good- but it is the fact that you took that step forward to even attempt change that has made an impact and made you grow as a person.

Change IS scary, doubtful and unbalanced but once you have done it, it can open up a whole new future of experiences.  It even allows you to feel proud of yourself with a sense of accomplishment.  Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zones, do something different and look towards the future.  You never know what might come of it.

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What Is The Colour Of The Wind?

March 3, 2010 at 09:02 (Uncategorized)

Have you ever tried looking for the wind? The wind is translucent to us as human beings, we cannot see it but we can feel it.  We feel every single breeze that slinks through our hair, soars through a window or slams a door shut.  A single touch of the wind lets us know that it is around us.  However, I was wondering what colour the wind is and here is what I think.

The wind is many colours.  The colours that blend together are like a beautiful rainbow that spreads across the sky.  The wind takes a journey all over the earth, as it travels it passes over water, through golden trees and across the lands.  As the wind blows over the ocean it sweeps up the colour blue.  Swirling across the mountain it gathers all the natural colours of brown, beige, white and black.  As the wind continues to soar around the earth it brushes through the trees leaves where it draws the olive, evergreen and bottle green colours.  Across the farm lands it collects the colour yellow from the youthful growing wheat fields as well as the pinks, purples and reds from the valley flowers.  Finally, the wind gets the colour orange from the sunset which wisps across the horizon as it says goodnight.

The wind is not just one colour.  Even though we can’t see it with the naked eye, it contains more colours than we will ever know.  The only way we can see the colour of the wind is with a little bit of imagination.

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