2012 An Epidemic?

March 9, 2010 at 15:58 (Uncategorized)

Does the year 2012 send shivers up your spine? When someone asks where you see yourself in 5 years time, does 2012 even cross your mind? Is the 2012 ‘time bomb’ scaring people to the point that they aren’t sure how to handle it?

Many expectations have been placed upon the year of 2012 and what the impact will be and how it will affect the human race. Each culture, religion, personal opinion or spiritual leader’s experience has predicted different accounts of what could happen, if anything. According to Nostradamus and an ancient group called the Mayans, the earth, sun, Milky Way and other plants will all align at the exact same time on 21 December 2012 causing the world to end its cycle. This could possibly cause a catastrophic disaster leading to earthquakes, tidal waves and volcano eruptions.

There have been many predictions made, from a meteor hitting the earth, a polar shift causing floods and climate change, a global depression to the planet alignment scenario, nuclear war and the coming of the antichrist. According to the website – http://www.2012-decoded.com – The theory of the Mayans suggests that when the planets align, earth will be centered and enter a ‘cosmic womb’ which could either end the world, create a transformation or even a rebirth.

This topic of 2012 is much debatable, it could become the end of the world, lead to global changes around the earth that we will have to live with or simply be hype much like the 2000 Millennium. The point is, no one knows what will happen in the future, and therefore we should not worry about it as there is nothing that we can do. Living life to the fullest everyday and being thankful for what you have is the best means to life. Love your friends and family, be honest, happy and truthful and have fun… you never know when your last day could be.





  1. Wanika Rusthoi said,

    You’ve made me seriously worried about my future now – although your last paragraph brings me down to earth again and reminds me that there’s not much I can do except enjoy the time we have left on this earth – no matter how long that may be. I didn’t know that there were actual prophecies about this topic so thanks for that very informative read – I really enjoyed it. Perhaps you could have included more facts about different prophecies – I would have loved to keep reading!

  2. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    This is a huge topic of debate at the moment so congrads on selecting a news-worthy topic. Your blog entry is really well structured too – you’re writing style is definitely improving!! 🙂

    The best part of this entry is in your conclusion. You are right in sharing that ‘being thankful for what you have is the best means to life’. Your message of ‘love your friends and family, be honest, happy and truthful and have fun’ applies more to everyday life than only to 2012. It’s a good outlook on life and one everyone should try and include in their daily lives.

  3. Dalene said,

    I agree, we should live life to the fullest. As for the whole 2012 ‘end of the world’ idea, I can’t say I’m a believer in that…

    Really well written, good read!

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