One Of The Best Things In the World To Do

April 28, 2010 at 19:00 (Uncategorized)

There are so many great things to do in this world…. Sky diving, rock climbing, meeting with up with friends, eating, partying, travelling and many, many more.  What I have found though is that one of the best things in the world to do is a simple act, something that is so easy, so comfortable and relaxing. Something that requires nothing more than to merely close one’s eyes; to relax each and every muscle and to turn our mind from every day thoughts into thoughts of peace and imagination.

So what is it that I think is one of the best things in the world to do? Sleep.  Curling up oneself into a cocoon of warmth and softness can ultimately be one of the most wonderful things to do at the end of the day. As winter is approaching we find that sleep becomes more of a necessity and seriously at times, an absolute pleasure.  The way we fall into a pit of softness, placing our legs at the strategic position that allows for ultimate comfort and muscle relaxation, resting our neck and nuzzling into a cold soft plump pillow can only say one thing… OMG.  After a long hard day’s work or a night out on the town, our beds are calling our name and we are answering with praise.

Sleep is part of healthy living and this state or level of semi-unconsciousness can help us to grow and develop.  As we sleep our brains are constantly working and thinking, depending on one’s body, we wake up feeling revitalised, refreshed and energised.  At other times sleep helps our brain to learn, capture or memorise things from throughout the day.

The only problem with burrowing into a warm, soft cocoon is that it makes it so hard to get up and get going in the morning.  I guess at least we know that at the end of a rough, tiring day, we are able to retreat and escape our world, only to enter another world of comfort and dreams.


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It is a poor idea to lie to yourself

April 28, 2010 at 18:59 (Uncategorized)

“Yes, thank you! I am absolutely loving it… I love how… the office looks…. Um, I like the tea lady, she is great! Um…. I really like that I have my own work station and phone… it’s great, yes… it’s really great… couldn’t be happier.”  Surely this doesn’t sound like a happy person? Why, oh why lie to yourself about something that your heart is not into.

As we get older we feel the pressure from all angles… family, friends, partners, careers and society.  Why do people lie to themselves though when they aren’t happy? Fear maybe? Choice? Pressure? Who knows, everyone is different.  The one big issue here is that you are lying to yourself.

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself because this only leads to bigger issues.  Lying to yourself can only mean one thing really, that you are trying to cover up for something without having to deal with it.  However, if you don’t deal with issues, they aren’t going to go away, they will simply sit there until they blow up in your face.  Time will run out at some point and perhaps by then we will either be gatvol of the issue or simply too tired and let it take over.  Sometimes when we start lying to ourselves, we start lying to others and it becomes too easy.

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself, it does not lead to any good and at times, can catch you off guard and make you look kinda like an idiot.  Honestly is the key to success, with yourself, with others and with our minds.

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It’s Even Better Than Chocolate

April 24, 2010 at 10:28 (Uncategorized)

Chocolate happens to be one of my favourite things in the whole world. Not only does it provide comfort, happiness, and enjoyment, it also encourages endorphins of excitement and relief and at times can even help to solve one’s problems. It is sometimes the only answer to things and one of the things we turn to during rough times which we know will provide us with what we need, even if it’s for a short period of time.

What I have found is that chocolate is very similar to friendship, the only difference really is that once you’ve had that chocolate it is gone, whereas friends are there forever.  Friendship really is such an important part of our lives – our friends are our guides, our confidents and our saviours at times.  Much the same as chocolate they provide us with comfort, help to solve problems, make us feel better and definitely create endorphins of joy from pure laughter and loads of giggles.

I have to say that although chocolate is one of the best things in the world, friendship outweighs it by far!  Having a tight group of friends is definitely one of the greatest things in the world, being able to share thoughts, secrets and gossip with one another is honestly one of the best experiences.  Having one friend is great ….. having a solid group of them is even better! But what is even better than friendship? The chatter of a group of good friends with a great deal of chocolate is definitely guaranteed for a good time!

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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

April 24, 2010 at 10:26 (Uncategorized)

Slowly they both reach back one hand at equal pace, watching each other carefully, eye to eye and then finally at the same time bringing a hand up, change the pace and….. *SLAP*…. We have a substantial high five. The sound of one hand clapping against another can also be known as a successful high five exchange between two people.

The important relevance of a high five is generally used to show excitement, appreciation between two people or to acknowledge something at hand that was completed or mastered by someone.  It is possible to give oneself a high five but let’s face it and be honest, it is not nearly as much fun.

There are many types of high fives that are shared among different people and that are used at times as a sign of friendship.  For example, recently my little nephew and I created our very own personal high five which only we understand really.  This will probably be used throughout our years of seeing each other when we greet and say farewell.  Fun? Yes! It’s a specific secret bond that we have created that only we know of and can share.  Different styles of high fives are shared among different friends, for instance, you get the ‘swing around, slap behind the back’ high five, the ‘slap it’s so sore’ high five, the ‘I’ll run for here, you run from there and when we slap hands we’ll both jump’ high five plus many more that all hold a creative nature I’m sure.

The sound of one hand clapping can represent the sound of this victorious high five.  Two people, one hand each (sometimes two)….. equals fun, laughter and a slapping noise that rings in your ears and burns your hand.  So, should we all maybe become more like The Todd from Scrubs, who provides us with an intense slap-able high five for every single thing he does or says? Maybe not that intense… but we can try, it’s worth a slap and a lot of fun!

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What Drives You?

April 13, 2010 at 14:50 (Uncategorized)

What drives you? What gives you that incredible thrill, brings excitement and motivation into your life.  What makes you want to jump up and scream and shout, tell others around you, shake them and get them to experience what you do? What is it that makes you want to speed around, push you to the limit and get you from place to place?  Is it shopping… perhaps buying the new Xbox or Nintendo Wii? Maybe something more like purchasing a house… or maybe it’s something completely exhilarating like becoming a pilot and being able to fly around the world!

I’ll tell you what drives me – our home, South Africa. South Africa drives me to get where I want to go.  I know, I know… we haven’t exactly experienced the best reputation as in news based at the moment.  We may even be struggling with a poor outlook on reputation as far as foreign countries and the FIFA world cup go.  Come on though, we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

We as South Africans bring culture to a maximum; we encourage, engage with others and are learning to support each other. What we do need to remember is that we are still a young country; we are still developing and learning from our mistakes.  What we need to realise is that the place that we live, is amazing.

We have the ocean as a bottomless mystery, the mountains as high as the heavens, gardens that make you fall in love as well as friendly and relaxed people. We really live in a place that we need to start appreciating again and respecting.  We seem to forget at times that South Africa is a caring country, a developing country and a land full of wholesomeness and opportunity.  We strive to keep peace and serenity and work hard so that others can experience what we know to be true.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost…

April 13, 2010 at 14:46 (Uncategorized)

Meet Mike… he likes to walk.  He likes to walk around every day, every hour, every minute, every second of the day.  I usually see him standing gazing into space as I drive past him on my way to Tech.  He stands in a trance on the side of the pavement, unaware of the world around him, and oblivious to the fact that he is even in the way of other passers.

Now meet Chuck, Chuck also likes to walk.  I often see Chuck walking around the area that I live.  I see him walking with friends, walking with shopping or even walking the dog.  Other times I see Chuck simply walking alone.

You’re probably wondering what the difference is between Mike and Chuck.  Mike unfortunately is a tik addict.  Upon this sore matter comes that fact that Mike is generally unaware of the world around him, he literally wanders around lost.  He is unable to recognize and determine people and is unable to hold a steady job.

Chuck on the other hand is a nature lover.  He is fully aware of his ware abouts, walking brings him joy and pleasure.  Chuck is an avid hiker and as a favourite past time, he likes to walk.  He appreciates the nature around him, the mountain and sea breeze air brushing through his hair.  He is able to breathe fresh air, walk and be one with himself as he reflects on his life.

Some people in life do wander around lost.  Lost of a family, friends, health or future. Others wander around celebrating their freedom, their choice and enjoy and appreciate what they have in their life.  Perhaps sometime we should reflect on ourselves and be grateful for what we have in our life, for what has been given to us and how we choose to receive it.  Perhaps we need to step back and wander by ourselves in order to appreciate what we have in life.

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Dealing With It

April 6, 2010 at 21:39 (Uncategorized)

Concentration problems?  What, no I’m doing fine; all I need to do is sit down and work right? Ok, I’m sitting down, I’m clearing my desk, I’m grabbing my note pad, where are my pens? Oh yes, my pens are in the next room. Let me go fetch them quick. Ok, now I can work – I forgot to feed the cat; he has been meowing and running under my feet all morning.  I’ll quickly feed him. Ok, I’m back at my desk and working. Wait, I almost forgot, I need to go and tweet, I haven’t tweeted today.  It’s so interesting to read what others say on Twitter.

Right here, this is a classic case of having complete lack of concentration and distractions.  This is something that all of us have been struggling to deal with over the last few weeks. We WANT to sit down, we WANT to get working on the things we need to do but somehow we land up…. Yip, you guessed it….. Procrastinating.

Procrastination is evil, of course not at the time, but when you look back and realise all that you needed to do and the time that was available, that is when you realise how evil it is.  Why do we procrastinate though?

It all comes down to avoiding what we have to do, putting off the things we need to do, the inevitable and not wanting to think.  Of course, later on is no better, we are still not up to doing what was supposed to be done.

However, I think as Public Relations people, we feed off of pressure and sometimes, it is the pressure that we need in order to get us moving.  It is that rise in anxiety, the fear and the thought of failing that pushes us to get up, get going and finish a task. So the next time you find yourself procrastinating, try and think about what lies ahead of you. Perhaps drawing up a schedule or “to do” list will help to lead you in the right direction that you need in order to get going again. Good luck!

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How Do You Step From The Top of a 100 Foot Pole?

April 5, 2010 at 18:57 (Uncategorized)

How do you step from the top of 100 foot pole? You don’t.  So how do you get down? Fall, leap, jump, shout for help, or… slide? If you fall ..  you could die, if you leap or jump, you could hurt yourself quite badly or …. die.  If you shout for help …. you could land up waiting a while and become highly embarrassed when an entire fire brigade arrives.  However, if you slide …. you could land on your own two feet in safety and style I might add. (I’ve been watching too much How I Met your Mother).

So how do you step from the top of 100 foot pole? It is the same as making a big decision in life. It cannot be taken lightly, rushed or forced.  It needs to be done slowly, meticulously and carefully. Risk taking is not really an option here.

If you decide to jump, leap or fall off of the pole, you could land up hurting yourself, the same as if an important decision is rushed into and later regretted. You fall to a pit of failure that is difficult to recover from. Time is needed to decide how to approach a decision, steps are required in how to handle it and confidence is needed to go through with it.

So I ask again, how do you step from the top of 100 foot pole? You slide down it.  You take your time and decide on the best option that will suit you, the best approach for you and the best way that you can handle it.  You take it as it comes and make sure that you choose the easiest and calculated choice for yourself that will lead you to safety and get your feet firmly back on the ground.

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