Dealing With It

April 6, 2010 at 21:39 (Uncategorized)

Concentration problems?  What, no I’m doing fine; all I need to do is sit down and work right? Ok, I’m sitting down, I’m clearing my desk, I’m grabbing my note pad, where are my pens? Oh yes, my pens are in the next room. Let me go fetch them quick. Ok, now I can work – I forgot to feed the cat; he has been meowing and running under my feet all morning.  I’ll quickly feed him. Ok, I’m back at my desk and working. Wait, I almost forgot, I need to go and tweet, I haven’t tweeted today.  It’s so interesting to read what others say on Twitter.

Right here, this is a classic case of having complete lack of concentration and distractions.  This is something that all of us have been struggling to deal with over the last few weeks. We WANT to sit down, we WANT to get working on the things we need to do but somehow we land up…. Yip, you guessed it….. Procrastinating.

Procrastination is evil, of course not at the time, but when you look back and realise all that you needed to do and the time that was available, that is when you realise how evil it is.  Why do we procrastinate though?

It all comes down to avoiding what we have to do, putting off the things we need to do, the inevitable and not wanting to think.  Of course, later on is no better, we are still not up to doing what was supposed to be done.

However, I think as Public Relations people, we feed off of pressure and sometimes, it is the pressure that we need in order to get us moving.  It is that rise in anxiety, the fear and the thought of failing that pushes us to get up, get going and finish a task. So the next time you find yourself procrastinating, try and think about what lies ahead of you. Perhaps drawing up a schedule or “to do” list will help to lead you in the right direction that you need in order to get going again. Good luck!



  1. Wanika Rusthoi said,

    I am the queen of procrastination. It’s amazing the things we do just to put off what we can rather do tomorrow. But I guess you have a good point – we thrive under pressure, and when we don’t feel enough pressure, we delay so that we do feel the pressure later on. Maybe we all need help in that department. For now, I agree – lets stick to “to do” lists.

  2. Dalene Ingham-Brown said,

    LOVE your introduction. I think everyone can relate to that feeling of getting side tracked by the little things!

    Your ‘voice’ is so strong in this post. I ABSOLUTELY love love love it.

    I hope to see more of this awesomeness.

  3. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    I am my own worst enemy and have more than often found myself in the same position you so aptly describe.

    Fantastic written work, must agree with Dalene. I read the intro twice 🙂

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