It is a poor idea to lie to yourself

April 28, 2010 at 18:59 (Uncategorized)

“Yes, thank you! I am absolutely loving it… I love how… the office looks…. Um, I like the tea lady, she is great! Um…. I really like that I have my own work station and phone… it’s great, yes… it’s really great… couldn’t be happier.”  Surely this doesn’t sound like a happy person? Why, oh why lie to yourself about something that your heart is not into.

As we get older we feel the pressure from all angles… family, friends, partners, careers and society.  Why do people lie to themselves though when they aren’t happy? Fear maybe? Choice? Pressure? Who knows, everyone is different.  The one big issue here is that you are lying to yourself.

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself because this only leads to bigger issues.  Lying to yourself can only mean one thing really, that you are trying to cover up for something without having to deal with it.  However, if you don’t deal with issues, they aren’t going to go away, they will simply sit there until they blow up in your face.  Time will run out at some point and perhaps by then we will either be gatvol of the issue or simply too tired and let it take over.  Sometimes when we start lying to ourselves, we start lying to others and it becomes too easy.

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself, it does not lead to any good and at times, can catch you off guard and make you look kinda like an idiot.  Honestly is the key to success, with yourself, with others and with our minds.



  1. Wanika Rusthoi said,

    Such a good perspective Steph! It’s true how we all say “we’re fine and dandy” when actually we’re not. We just don’t seem to know how to be honest rather than sugar-coat the reality. Very good!

  2. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    I have been caught in this situation before and it is terrible. For me, it’s often because I feel as though keeping everyone around me happy is the most important thing, even when I am suffering as a result. Described situation = mess.

    Good perspective and so true.

  3. Dalene Ingham-Brown said,

    That is so true “…this only leads to bigger issues. “. Its so important to be honest with ourselves and others. We appreciate the honesty of others and therefore should give it to others.

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