Feelings Follow Behaviour

May 22, 2010 at 11:15 (Uncategorized)

Sitting in the sun on the start of a first day of holiday, relaxing and mindlessly thinking, a sudden craving sets in…. a feeling to create, a feeling to get messy, a feeling for something sweet.  I have a sudden feeling to bake a cake!  Of course, naturally as it is food, my body instantly and almost automatically moves towards the kitchen, I feel my feet moving and I don’t seem to have control over them.  The brain takes over and limbs are flying as I search for ingredients in cupboards…. Luckily we have everything!

As I wait, with a certain degree of patience, for the butter to soften in the sun, I watch with a sense of relaxation, the glistening dew drops falling from the butter… to be honest, I don’t have that much patience so I just shove it in the microwave until it is soft.  I pour the soft, white powdery flour into a bowl and crack the hard shelled eggs into the mixture.  Stirring away I start thinking of how good this is all going to be in the end, a delicious vanilla Madeira cake covered in icing… delectable, moist and tasty!

I pour the rich textured batter into a dish and place it in the hot oven to bake.  While sitting down I realise that this all happened so fast.  One minute I was simply sitting enjoying the heat from the sun, the warmth and the cool breeze in the air, and then the next minute I was busy in the kitchen doing what my mind told me (or stomach?).  My instant feelings to bake a cake where followed by an automatic bodily act to get and create it.  If I followed every feeling would it make me more of an ambitious, go getter person, or someone who follows and acts on insane thoughts? I don’t know… for now, I’m going to go and ice a cake with butter cream icing!


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  1. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    OH.MY.WORD. This is fantastic! I can see the words just flowing from your mind; it is completely filled with VOICE!!! Steph, I want to read more blogs exactly like this one. It has description, yourself and a quirky ending. It was wonderful!

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