Winter Comes and Summer Goes…

May 22, 2010 at 11:16 (Uncategorized)

The changes of the seasons bring much adjustment.  For one thing, I start sneezing and my reflexes become slow as my body deals with a much hated hay-fever, but a lot of good comes out of season changes.

The air almost becomes fresher; it is almost like Mother Nature is changing her very own bedding by cleaning off the old and dirty and re-placing it with fresh new covers.  The air is crisp and clean; the trees shed themselves from their old leaves and bring out a newly red, brown and green ambience about them.  The birds who venture from country to country finally make their route back to us again, only to bring sounds of happiness and curiosity.  The change of season also brings in new attitudes, people seem to want to change something about themselves when it comes to a new season, whether it be a new hair cut and colour, to beginning a new fitness regime, change is good for us, it keeps us on our toes and continuously trying to improve or do something different.

If there was no change, imagine how boring things would be.  We would experience the same weather day in and day out, we would have the same hair cut or style forever, the same clothes, the same story to tell.  Change brings in adventure, style and experiences and it always leads to a good story.


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  1. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    STEPH! What is going on? Did you just wake up one morning and say to yourself, ‘Hey, I’m going to hit them in the face with the most ‘alive’ writing??! I love your style, it’s really grabbing me. I love your approach to ‘change’ in this story.

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