Every Day Is A Good Day

July 6, 2010 at 14:06 (Uncategorized)

What we seem to forget is that when we have bad days, it is only the universe trying to tell us something, trying to tell us to be careful, to take a step back, to not rush, to slow down… things are meant to happen for a reason.

Having a rough morning or day helps us to remember the good days, and to recognise that generally, every day is in actual fact a good day.  Every day we discover something new, or get contacted by someone we haven’t heard from in a while, or are imparted with good news or interesting information.  Every single day we live our lives as they are and should realise how lucky we are with what we have. We have a roof over our head, warm clothes, a bed, friends and family as well as luxuries that not many other people have.

It’s the days that count that show us what we have and just how lucky we are.  It’s the days that count that prove that we have loved ones who support and care.  It’s the days that count when we are sitting inside our houses warm and snug on an icy cold night. Every day is a good day; we just need to recognise them more when we feel we’re having a bad one.http://www.youlinkspace.com/good_day/good_day_comment_graphic_01.gif



  1. Wanika Rusthoi said,

    I really love the flow of this post! It’s not your usual style – and it’s great! I can see you maybe tried something different here – it worked. Keep it up! Love your message too!

  2. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    😀 You’re blog made me consider just how thankful we should be for everything that we have and for the people in our lives – very important but also often forgotten.

    Nice flowing story.

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