Our Greatest Strengths Are Our Greatest Weaknesses

July 6, 2010 at 13:24 (Uncategorized)

Having incredibly strengths can lead to incredible weakness.  Our bodies and minds are linked together but sometimes these two assets need to remain separate.  At times the brain wants something that the heart doesn’t agree with or vice versa.

The gift of kindness and generosity in a person is more than often seen as a strength in a person.  This point is true… however… the gift of kindness and generosity may satisfy the brain and conscious but it may dissatisfy the heart and body.  Sometimes being too kind and generous allows for others to take advantage leaving a person feeling guilt ridden and physically exhausted from not being able to disappoint.

The gift of being confident is a strong quality and character building.  This allows for easy friend making, a sense of outgoing-ness and a need to impress.  This however can allow for others to mistake others, to think a person is over confident, arrogant and insensitive.

The gift of being organised and in control is a superior strength which offers basic yet very diligent skills.  The strength of being organised allows for structure, control and respect… this however can be a weakness when things become over whelming, out of control and people take advantage.

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses. Why? I don’t know – all I do know is that balance is important.  Imparting great strengths is good but for every action there is a reaction and sometimes this is a weakness. Use your strengths wisely and they should only lead to greatness…


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  1. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    What a fantastic point. I really enjoyed this one because I could connect on a personal level with everything you put down. It’s a fantastic ‘food for thought’ entry. Love it.

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