The Oddest Most Intense Feeling

July 14, 2010 at 18:02 (Uncategorized)

Something I find to be quite amazing in life are emotions. Emotions show us how we feel, they provide a sense of passion which enables how we are feeling whether it is anger, love or sadness.  The emotion or feeling of ‘thrill’ grabs me of all these emotions.  It’s different.  It’s strange and sometimes we don’t understand it.

According to an online dictionary in Google a thrill is “a sudden sense of excitement” – key word here, sudden.  What I like about a thrill is that it’s unexpected; it’s the oddest feeling because it’s generally placed with both fear and excitement, and it’s as if your body can’t distinguish which one it prefers so it wraps it all in one.

Thrills can come from anything, whether it is a crazy roller coaster ride that swings you left, right and center at the speed of light, a sudden death jump from a plane hundreds of meters into the sky to a simple thrill of a cute boy noticing you and telling you that you’re beautiful or….. going on a shopping spree!  They range and that is why they are so hard to keep track of and one of the most intense, creative feelings we’ll ever have.


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  1. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    Thrills. Blech. Not quite sure when I gave up adventure-seeking but I do know that I should commit to nerve-racking instances more often. I tend to be more ‘safe’ than possibly ‘sorry’ but…well, too much of something is a bad thing and too little, equally bad. Up-beat tempo of the entry was nice.

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