July 21, 2010 at 11:36 (Uncategorized)

I’m the girl who won’t go anywhere without a small, mediocre medicine kit, cellphone and lip balm. I usually trip and often walk into things. I’m always prepared, with regards to what I keep in my handbag (headache tabs, lip ice, tissues, hand lotion etc).  I’m able to sing the punk cover of Spice Girls “Wannabe”, not very well but I try. I try my best.

I’m a happy person, especially if I’m given chocolate or Marcel’s frozen yoghurt (yum) and I generally go with the flow of plans. I’m easy going. I love being around people and chatting but also enjoy my own space and time too, to let go and do what I want. I adore the beach and the mountains and would not be able to live without them.  I am a complete sucker for bargain buys and have struggled with charming boys in the past.

I am not a morning person, unless given breakfast in bed.  I’ve fallen badly while sand boarding, embarrassed myself while tripping UP the stairs, been cheated on and have fallen for a funny, sweet blonde boy who makes me smile and laugh every day.  Some of my favourite things are, my cat, dancing, surprises,   vanilla, sprinkles and glitter, the smell of lavender, falling snow, laughing, arum lilies and talking.  I’m the queen at organising, time management, gardening, taking photos of myself and friends at the same time and moving furniture…. Odd, I know.

This is me in a nutshell unzipped 🙂



  1. Dalene said,

    Oh my word I L.O.V.E this blog. So clean, true and spoken directly from the heart. Absolutely amazingly awesome blog – I can hear you saying it as if you’re standing right next to me. Great layout and pace of writing – you captured my attention and reeled me in. Thumbs UP!

  2. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    STEPH! Absolutely rad entry! Loved every fast-paced second of it! Well done!

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