What motivates me

July 21, 2010 at 13:27 (Uncategorized)

What motivates me? Money? People telling me that I can’t do it? Inspirational people who seem to have it all? No. What motivates me is the future.  I know motivation is meant to be things we can see, hear or witness but to me my motivation looks ahead.  My motivation is what lies ahead in the future, what awaits me.

The motivational aspirations that I think of having in the future are what motivate me.  Seeing myself grow and succeed in a career that I enjoy is my motivation. Travelling around the world and having experiences. Having a family with the person that I love is my motivation. Seeing my children grow up, learn, experience life, love, is my motivation. Living life to the fullest is my motivation.

When I think of what I’d like to acquire out of life and what I would like to achieve in the future, this is where my motivation comes into play.  My future plans and ideas motivate me to achieve things now, to do what I want now so that I can have the future that I want.



  1. Dalene said,

    I totally agree with you – the future has a huge role in what motivates us all (Well for us hard-workers at least). Thinking about tomorrow makes today’s chores seem not so bad.

  2. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    Wonderful point. I love that your blog entries are so short, concise and to the point – It’s something I really need to work on with my own 😛

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