Enjoying The Ride?

August 15, 2010 at 22:38 (Uncategorized)

Wake up….. Get up out of your warm, snug bed…. Shower….. Get dressed…. Do hair and makeup….. Have breakfast….. Pack lunch… pack bag for the day…leave house.  This is pretty much what most women do every single day before going to work or college.  Thinking about it… how on earth do we do all the things we do, and NOT run out of time?

If you think about our lives at this current moment…. We go to tech and perhaps have a part time job…. Seems relatively easy hey? Not quite!!!  Lately I’ve found that no matter how much stuff I do during a day, there’s just not enough time…. How can this be?

A 24 hour day seems to fly by with the blink of an eye offering ideas, problems and solutions most of the time.  Thinking about it, just to travel to tech takes about 40 minutes, then we have a lesson, often there are group meetings or friendly chat…. A visit to various lecturers offices for a spontaneous chat… and then we head off home again.  Another 40 min.  All in all the day, with regards to Tech alone, so far has taken more or less 3 hours.

Lunch….. and a fast drive to pick up my little-y (au pairing)…. It’s an additional 2 hours of driving, playing in the mud, trying to control a two year olds tantrums and volatile acts and then it’s home time again.  By this time you can imagine we’re all pretty tired.

Fitting in all the extras… family… friends….boyfriends….sleep…. time to oneself… Time goes too fast.  However…. It’s the journey.  The journey makes life interesting.  Lifting friends home and making a plan on how all 3 of us will sit in the front of a bakkie is the journey.  Meeting new people is the journey. Working out how a two year old thinks is the journey.  So even though time ticks… and never stops to wait… we may stress about what needs to get done…. But we should at least TRY enjoying the journey.  We only live once!


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  1. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    A concept often discussed; time and how well we use and appreciate it. It goes without saying that everything goes back to the basis of ‘Each day is a gift, that’s why its called the present’. Fun food for thought.

    I really enjoyed your description in this one, it had a fun, disjointed, quirky flow. New style – I like it!

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