Top 200 Achievements

August 28, 2010 at 13:46 (Uncategorized)

So far, I’m a soon to be 23 year old and so far, in no particular order, these are my top 200 Achievements in life

  1. First bout of crawling
  2. Taking my first step
  3. Walking for the first time
  4. Running for the first time
  5. Making friends with one of my best friends in pre- school and still remaining friends till now
  6. My first word
  7. My first sentence
  8. Learning to read
  9. My first word in writing
  10. Writing a sentence for the first time
  11. My first day at school
  12. Writing my learners test and passing first time
  13. First time driving a car with instructor
  14. First time driving on my own (Brilliant!)
  15. Getting my drivers license
  16. Receiving a Business Management/Secretarial diploma
  17. Being named Top Student for Accounting in Montrose College
  18. Being one of the top ten students at Montrose College
  19. Graduating with my diploma from CPUT
  20. Getting my internship job after first interview
  21. Completing my internship at Armstrong PR
  22. Being in a 5 year long relationship
  23. Learning to ride a bike (again)
  24. Learning to swim at age 9
  25. Baking a flop free cake
  26. Decorating a wedding cake with plastic icing
  27. Making flowers and leaves out of plastic icing
  28. Finishing high school
  29. Finishing a basic and intermediate course in French
  30. Writing in calligraphy
  31. Being on the Dean’s List at CPUT
  32. Learning to touch type at age 9
  33. Learning to play the piano
  34. Learning to play the violin
  35. Playing the violin for 5 years
  36. Playing in the orchestra for the first time
  37. First time doing a piano and violin music concert
  38. First hip hop dancing class
  39. First hip hop dancing concert
  40. First time roller blading
  41. Clocking Mario Brothers on the Wii (haha)
  42. Completing THIS list is an ongoing achievement
  43. Being able to use contact lenses
  44. Getting a belly ring (ouch)
  45. Losing 10kg after school
  46. My first kiss
  47. Travelling on my own overseas
  48. Visiting numerous countries:
  49. Belgium,
  50. England,
  51. France,
  52. Switzerland,
  53. Amsterdam,
  54. Managing to run a team of 3 (with 2nd years)
  55. Working at a gym for 2 years
  56. Not becoming a smoker (after going through teens with a group of smoker friends)
  57. Being a bridesmaid for a good friend
  58. Learning how to stand up for myself
  59. Not having had a car accident (being my mistake) *touch wood*
  60. Studying for 5 long years and sticking to it
  61. Being on the netball team in Grade 8
  62. Moving, by my choice, to Fish Hoek school (best decision ever)

I’m sure more will come to me over time… so for now… here are my top achievements SO far… of what I can think….


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  1. Kerry-Lee Cockrell said,

    Haha! I see you haven’t finished your list either? Mine is still under construction. I didn’t know you played the violin?! I played keyboard =]

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