Have You Figured Out The Second Head Fake?

October 29, 2010 at 11:23 (Uncategorized)

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted”… Randy Pausch.  Randy Pausch, a computer science professor was a life teacher with incredible knowledge, strength and passion.  Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he tried every means to cure it however failed to do so.

Randy Pausch did not give up on life though, however, his mission was to teach others about life, dreams, experiences, obstacles, working hard and not giving up.  Randy’s Last Lecture, proved to be an experience that many will not forget.  Demonstrating a gift of leadership Pausch discussed death with his audience, building up faith and trust as well as a sense of hope that he was able to reach out to others and help them achieve what they need.

In Pausch’s Last Lecture, the “head fake” he discusses is about leading one’s life in the direction they hope to go and that the dreams you wish for will soon follow.  He mentions that it’s not about achieving your dreams… it’s about how you get there that matters, it’s the journey one takes.  The “second head fake” is that his Last Lecture is actually for his children, so that they can achieve their dreams through how they lead their own lives.




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