My Bucket List – 100 Things to Do Before I Die

November 4, 2010 at 14:30 (Uncategorized)

Here it is – the bucket list of my life, how I want to live, what I want to do, see and how I don’t want any regrets.

1. Travel around the world

2. Travel with a good friend around Europe

3. Get married

4. Have children

5. Find a styling job that I love

6. Get a tattoo

7. Sit in the cockpit of an airplane

8. Buy my own big house

9. Sky dive

10. Paraglide

11. Road trip with good friends

12. Do the Argus Cycle Tour

13. Cook a fantastic meal for a group of friends on my own

14. Own a golf car – which ever one is the latest when I get there

15. Learn how to speak French fluently

16. Be able to produce a stunning professional wedding cake

17. Lean how to ride a motor bike

18. Own a black Labrador

19. Take my parents on a trip

20. Own a really nice expensive camera

21. Take a photography course

22. Take a loved one to a day spar

23. Grow my hair very long

24. Go gamble and party in Los Vegas

25. Learn how to snorkel

26. Learn how to scuba dive

27. Learn how to sing properly

28. Help someone who really needs something

29. Climb Table Mountain

30. Visit The World of Birds and Monkey Valley

31. Learn how to snow board in Switzerland

32. Join the gym

33. Go wine tasting in Stellenbosch

34. Find the perfect shade of lipstick

35. Go visit a Zoo

36. Finally travel around South Africa

37. Visit the Kruger National Park

38. Visit the Addo Elephant Famr

39. Go paint balling

40. Have a huge walk in cupboard in my bedroom

41. Be a mother

42. Have my own herb garden

43. Have my own big garden with trees and flowers

44. Learn how to make cocktails

45. Make the ultimate delicious smoothie

46. Ride a camel

47. Go strawberry picking

48. Become very fit

49. Learn how to surf – in a shark free zone

50. Be able to tan without buring

51. Back pack around Europe

52. Visit Amsterdam again with my boyfriend

53. Sit in a Jacuzzi

54. Do more camping

55. Buy a recipe book and make every dish

56. Watch the band Paramore live

57. Watch the band Foo Fighters live

58. Go to Rocking the Daisies

59. Learn how to Tango

60. Try Ratanga Junction rides…

61. Be able to support myself one day

62. Live on my own

63. Go to a live rugby game

64. Visit the Cape Town Stadium

65. Go in a hot air balloon

66. Conquer my fear of heights

67. Jump off a waterfall into a rock pool

68. Do a beading class with my friend

69. Go do a pottery class with my friend

70. Learn glass blowing

71. Visit Hawaii

72. Go tobogganing

73. Learn how to play guitar

74. Dye my hair blonde

75. Go rock climbing

76. Learn how to make jewellery

77. Be a mentor or guide to someone

78.  Work for Big Concerts

79. Find the perfect brand of Chai Tea

80. Live in a fancy place like Camps Bay for a while

81. Learn yoga positions like the back of my hand

82. Have a tranquil place in my own garden one day

83. Own a black berry

84. Become a success

85. Learn to enjoy coffee – it just smells so good!

86. Master photoshop

87. Have a huge bunch of friends when I’m older

88. Have a house with a deck facing the sunset

89. Live by the ocean one day

90. Become a granny

91. Be the best mom ever

92. Spend a night in a really expensive hotel

93. Do something stupid like, getting married again (once I’ve got married) in Vegas

94. Make a flop free chocolate cheese cake

95. Be able to have time off work for my kids one day

96. Decorate my entire house

97. Own a flat and rent it out

98. Go mountain biking

99. Keep a close group of friends

100. Live my life to the fullest that I can



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