The Last Lecture

November 5, 2010 at 10:44 (Uncategorized)

We had our very last lecture on Wednesday 3 November 2010 with Vernon Chalmers who takes us for Management Practice.  I must say, it didn’t really hit me while we were having our lesson with him regarding Performance Management Systems, it was only afterwards when he said a few words that I realised… wow… this is it.


After Vernon Chalmers had said his goodbyes, I looked around the room and realised…. We will never be in this room again.  This really IS our last lecture…. EVER! I started to fill up with nostalgia as I looked around the room and everyone in it and realised that I probably won’t see a lot of my class mates again.  I started thinking of all the memories that had happened during the year, the class quarrels, the laughs, the confusion, the stuffy classroom and all the gossips chats (those were the best).


I really had a good time this year and I will always remember the people, the lecturers and CPUT for that matter for teaching me everything that I know today.  Most of all, I will always remember the good friends I made and who I will keep in the future 🙂


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  1. Vernon Chalmers said,

    You / and all your friends [everybody in that room] have a great platform now to launch dynamic careers.

    Enjoy the now, the future and be humble and mindful of the past (for its life lessons and contributions to your authentic self).


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