My Big Fat BIG Dream

November 4, 2010 at 12:49 (Uncategorized)

Travel. Love. Family. Food. Hope. Future. Health. Curiosity. Spontaneity.  These are all aspects of my big fat BIG dream for my future.  Obviously in life, we want it all… the nice house, happy family, financial stability, luxury…. And of course, being a normal human being… these are what I’d like too.

My big fat BIG dream consists of finding my perfect career job in which I give my all and enjoy every minute of it.  Marrying the love of my life in a beautiful little garden at sunset with a candle lit walkway. I want to travel around the world, visiting and experiencing different countries which are full of cultural aspects, foreign tongues and virtues of change.  Become a mother and watch my children grow up into loving, wonderful good people who enjoy life.

My big fat BIG dream is to live life, be happy and have no regrets.  I would like to look back on my life knowing that I did everything I wanted to do, go everywhere I wanted to go and most of all, and lived happily and contently.



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Expedition of Note

October 29, 2010 at 12:11 (Uncategorized)

Fast approaching the end of our studies, I am finding that more and more I would like to go and travel the world.  I don’t specifically mean living in another country for a while (I love South Africa too much), I mean going on intense, crazy expeditions around the world.

After watching the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, this only fueled my desired to start thinking about what I’d like to do and where I’d like to go.  Having already had the luck to visit France, Belgium, Amsterdam and others, I have realised that I’ve been bitten with the travel bug.  I’ve been bitten badly!  I’d like to cross the oceans and visit the entire world; I want to experience other cultures, languages and food.  I want to visit famous spots and historical museums.  I want to meditate in a garden with a beautiful waterfall that trickles softly over the hard stones and continues forever.

The travel bug has bitten me badly and I will definitely fulfill my desire to go and travel and create new experiences…it’s just a matter of time!


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Conventional Is A Good Fallback Position Isn’t It?

October 29, 2010 at 11:43 (Uncategorized)

I’ve started this blog four times already and it’s probably because of the fact that I cannot decide whether conventional is a good fallback position or not.  Conventionalism would have to depend on the person and how you see yourself, where you see yourself and what kind of person you are.

Naturally many people want to know they are safe, secure and in charge of their life but then again you do get others who are willing to take risks, set goals and try achieving what they really want out of life.  I reckon, with the above mentioned statement, comes another big word, which is CHANGE.  Everyone deals with change differently.  Some people like it, thriving on something different and enjoy the unexpected and others hate it.  Others choose to not like change in the sense that they’d prefer to have routine, structure and know what will be happening.

Once again, I think this depends on the person you are, the experiences you have had, the place in which you are currently.  Conventional COULD be a good fallback or it could be a terrible one… it’s up to you.

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Have You Figured Out The Second Head Fake?

October 29, 2010 at 11:23 (Uncategorized)

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted”… Randy Pausch.  Randy Pausch, a computer science professor was a life teacher with incredible knowledge, strength and passion.  Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he tried every means to cure it however failed to do so.

Randy Pausch did not give up on life though, however, his mission was to teach others about life, dreams, experiences, obstacles, working hard and not giving up.  Randy’s Last Lecture, proved to be an experience that many will not forget.  Demonstrating a gift of leadership Pausch discussed death with his audience, building up faith and trust as well as a sense of hope that he was able to reach out to others and help them achieve what they need.

In Pausch’s Last Lecture, the “head fake” he discusses is about leading one’s life in the direction they hope to go and that the dreams you wish for will soon follow.  He mentions that it’s not about achieving your dreams… it’s about how you get there that matters, it’s the journey one takes.  The “second head fake” is that his Last Lecture is actually for his children, so that they can achieve their dreams through how they lead their own lives.



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Wrong First Impressions

October 3, 2010 at 18:14 (Uncategorized)

You know when they say you should never judge a book by its cover? Well it’s true.  And oh how true it is.  It’s amazing how first impressions can impact on our deciding factors of whether we should do something or not.

The other day I took a walk down the road and for the first time I walked into the fish shop where I live. I’d never been in their before purely because of the fact that the outside structure did not capture my eye.  Firstly, it is situated in, if you can call it, the “slum” section of where I live and secondly the sign and glass windows had a thick layer of dirt and sea breeze air encrusted on the outside.  However, I decided to go and take a look that day, out of curiosity.

You wouldn’t believe it but when I walked through the rusted black gates and went inside I was hit with colours, bright lights, and decorations, so many different kinds of fish (some I’d never seen before with pointy looking fins) and beautiful glowing ambient fish tanks that imitated the bottom of the ocean coral reefs.  This fish shop was amazing; it is almost as beautiful as the Waterfront Aquarium – no kidding, it’s mostly tropical fish.  I guess it just proves that you should never judge a book by its cover because you might just be missing out.

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You Cannot Chase Two Rabbits At The Same Time

September 29, 2010 at 21:05 (Uncategorized)

Think about it… you have two adorable, white fluffy rabbits sitting in a cage staring at you.  You have to pick them both up… possible? Yes.  Difficult? Yes.  However, no matter what, you have to pick up one of them first before you pick up the other.

This statement pretty much applies to life in general – You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time.  In life opportunities, chance, future possibilities, they all seem to go in different directions, how are you supposed to run after all of them? You can’t, it’s as simple as that.  It comes down to choice, making a decision and sticking to it.  Going with the plunge and giving it your best shot.

It is possible to chase two rabbits at the same time but do you really want to?  You will only land up chasing them until you are too tired to persist or you could land up with one at first; so why not choose the one you want to run after and follow through….

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A Life Experience

September 19, 2010 at 16:23 (Uncategorized)

I can feel my heart racing; I can hear it thumping in my ears.  It’s hot, my face is prickling, burning and my knee is hurting, I can’t hold this position for much longer. Everyone is watching.  I hope I’m doing the right thing. Lights. “Hold the position.” Flash. “Thank you!”

My first hair shoot was a complete experience for me.  My hair dresser, Megan from Synergy Hair Salon, asked me if she could use me in a competition that the salon wanted to enter.  The competition was for GHD’s limited range of hair straighteners –   “Choose your Destiny” – Green Envy, Purple Indulgence, Red Lust and Blue Serenity.

Initially I was actually quite calm and even thought that it could be really fun to try something new like this.   However, on the day of the shoot, I was extremely nervous – you know the kind… heart racing, jumpy, stressed, butterflies in your stomach and sweaty palms.  To my surprise when I went to the salon I was completely pampered – hair wash, head massage, blow dry, straightened hair – it was great!  I had my make up done by a professional artist who made my eyes stand out with bold, beautiful colours of striking golds, greens and blacks.  I was then given a few items of clothing which I had to wear – a roughly painted lime green corset, black skinny pants and a green and black tulle tutu with a long train, to wear over the pants.  Feeling rather out of my comfort zone and depth, I glanced round and saw that the other girls were also wearing outrageous clothing which put me at ease.

The final touch to my Green Envy outfit was fake hair! I was given the most gorgeous, long fake hair which went all the way down my back (I’ve never even had such long hair in my life)!  Megan then styled and curled the hair and added a green piece which was glued onto my scalp, after which came all the pulling, teasing, scrunching and hair spray (Ouch!).

Finally it was time for me to sit on the set which was placed in the Synergy Salon window.  At that very moment I felt as if I’d faint, collapse or die on the spot!  Everyone was staring at me; I could feel my cheeks burning with panic, my heart felt like it was about to jump out of my chest and my legs were wobbly like jelly.  The set for the ‘Green Envy’ GHD was stunning with audacious green satin materials; sequins and tulle as well as ivy plants used for decor.  Sitting on the set in the window with the lights and having regular make up checks made me feel – ever so briefly – like a super model!

I have never experienced such a rush of nerves, anxiety and excitement with a slight hint of courage all at once.  This isn’t me, I kept thinking, I cannot model to save my life! Do I smile, do I pout, open my mouth, keep it closed? Where do I look? *panic*. “Look over here quick.  Put your head down.  Hold that pose.” said the photographer.

Before I knew it, it was all over.  Walking away from the set I felt light.  I’d done something that I never would have thought I could have done – or have the chance to do.  It was an adventure.   A completely exhilarating, scary adventure.

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“Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one idea”

September 19, 2010 at 16:22 (Uncategorized)

As I started to write this blog I realised that I only had one idea on what to write or say.  However, as I wrote I realised… it was rubbish, boring and had no point.  From this I had to look at all my other options of what I could possibly write and came to this conclusion….

Many people in life get stuck with one idea in their head.  This can be dangerous because the minute you think this is the only idea or way… it almost becomes imbedded in your mind, your thought process and you can’t see past it or look at any other idea.  It’s a frame of mind that warps other ‘good’ ideas into thoughts of negativity and a narrow minded point of view.

Getting back to my conclusion, in life, there are many options… many thoughts, many ways and MANY ideas.  Having simply one idea, I can imagine could only lead to torture of the mind in order to keep trying to prove your ideas point.  The solution?  Become more open minded, listen to others points of view and develop the ability to think of many things… not just one.

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Dentist Horrors

September 8, 2010 at 12:37 (Uncategorized)

Recently, I made a vow to myself….. to make sure I floss and Listerine EVERYDAY, ALWAYS, ALTYD, INFINITY!! I went for my annual dentist check up the other day and to my horror, was told that I needed two fillings.  Feeling rather upset about it, as I’m such a hygiene freak, my dentist told me it that it’ll be quick to fill those babies up.

Lying in the chair, feeling rather exposed with my mouth wide open and not sure where to place my tongue, my dentist starts to clean away when all of a sudden I get this cold, aching, drilling pain that runs straight down into my jaw and right up into my brain. My teeth were just way too sensitive so I landed up having two injections.  I cannot explain to you firstly, how scared I am of the dentist (yes, I will admit this on my blog).  I’m not sure why as I have a brilliant, friendly dentist, I haven’t had a bad experience before; I guess it’s just the unexpected… like being told you have to have two fillings filled when you thought everything was fine!

Anyways, eventually the whole right side of my mouth was completely numb and lame (quite embarrassing as you ‘zero’ control over your own mouth) and after having needles, a tooth re-shaper (?), some kind of heating fan and very dry, sore, stretched lips, I had my teeth fixed up.  Sore? Not after the injections thankfully! I’m just very glad that I don’t have to go back again for at least another year… I’ll be prepared for when that date comes again!

By the way, off the topic, looking for a pic for this blog was just as bad as going to the dentist… there are some scary pictures out there! Therefore I decided to pick a cute little friendly looking tooth 🙂

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The Small Things In Life

September 8, 2010 at 12:19 (Uncategorized)

Can you image living without the small things in life like lip ice, shampoo, deodorant, nail clippers, a hair brush, hand lotion or books.  What about the bigger things like electricity, batteries, rechargers, water, food and shelter…..

After watching the movie, The Book of Eli, these odd, small, no descript items really opened my eyes.  We don’t realise it but sometimes the smallest things in life, like lip ice, we often take for granted.  Can you image being in scorching, hot, dry weather, having absolutely no water available to you, burnt, dry, lips that are peeling and cracking and not being able to apply a soother like lip ice?  Death!

The Book of Eli opened my eyes to the fact that taking even the tiniest things for granted and wasting them, are huge faults of us as human beings.  We know that once we throw it away, we can always get another right?  We as human, and we’re all at fault, know that when we run out we can buy more, receive more or find more.  What if there wasn’t any more though?  How would be survive? The simple acts of having a bath and washing your hair, charging your cellphone not being available anymore… scary thoughts.  I’d advise you watch the movie; The Book of Eli….It opens your eyes and makes you think.

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